Jonar is a versatile presenter who can (as appropriate) captivate, inspire, challenge, shock, or disturb an audience of any size. Whether he is humorous or controversial, he delivers slick, tantalising, and thought-provoking messages that are met with rapturous applause.


Logictivity does not engage consultants who churn reports to baffle clients. Instead, we specialise in constructing innovative and leading-edge management practices for clients who are truly looking to achieve excellence by embracing excellence. This means that we only work at senior levels.


For high-flyers, traditional training programs are no longer satisfying because they cover broad-based topics, leaving students with the feeling that they are not receiving specialised or customised training. At Logictivity, we specialise in one-on-one training, coaching, and mentoring programs.


At Logictivity, we help clients to achieve phenomenal results by assisting them to implement some of the many personal, management, and leadership programs that are outlined in Jonar’s books. We assist individuals as well as organisations large and small.


Over the years, organisations have learned about the importance of ‘staging’ events. They spend thousands of dollars on lighting, graphics, and special effects. Ultimately, the most important elements are the content and the delivery. Are your presentations and messages convincing?