Never mind ‘total quality management’ or ‘best practice’. Instead, deliver on the brand promise — then improve upon it one-percent daily. One Percent EXcellence (OPEX). It will turn your company on its head, and make your competitors feel that they are hanging upside down.

This book is for lovers and those who infuriate them. It is for those who have never been loved, or who have loved too much. It is for those who have never been hurt, or who have cried in the dark. Which lover are you? Or are you more than one type? Unleash your heart and find out.

If you are an employee, this book will help you to take control of your career so that you can live a zestful and enchanting life. If you are the boss, this book will show you how to turn employees into superstars so that together, you’ll know what to do when the rules run out.

What’s more liberating than financial freedom, and more reassuring than job-security? It’s called career independence, whereby: what you don’t have, you can obtain; what you don’t know, you can learn; what you don’t own, you can access; and what you don’t want, you can discard.

This tantalising book from best-selling author Jonar Nader is the most explosive text in decades. It is for people who are fed up with inaccuracy and untruths. It is a tool for those who have the vision to shape new futures and the courage to realise their dreams.

This edition reverts to the larger format using white woodfree paper of the highest quality, containing 26 chapters plus a special preface and a new index. After a whirlwind global media campaign and lecture tour this third edition hits the nail on the head.

This Penguin 2nd edition contains five extra chapters to enrich and liberate you as you learn how to tackle the roots of personal achievement, management, and leadership in the networked world. Learn how to develop teams that work.

This first edition is printed on thick bright white, smooth woodfree 100 gsm stock bound in an extra-thick laminated paperback cover. This book was reprinted eight times, and will remain a collector’s item because it was the first in the now successful series.

This edition was produced for the North American market and includes American spelling. It is of the highest production quality hardcover with a prestigious black board stamped with gold foil, covered with a full colour jacket.

The Lose Friends series reached all corners of the world. An agent in Brazil was so keen on the title, that he worked with Makron Books to launch the first edition in Portuguese to reach leaders and manager in Brazil, Macau, Portugal and Cape Verde.

In some countries, managers are keen to learn from non-American advisers. This Serbian edition is used by leaders and students who want a practical perspective about leadership and management, without the American hype.

There are 128 full-colour high-gloss pages containing stunning photos coupled with quotable quotes that are witty, thought-provoking, or controversial. All of the quotes were either exclaimed by Jonar or his friends and associates.

(Paperback version) A philosophical thriller with fast-paced military action, espionage, corporate corruption, human greed, romantic tension, and scientific revelations that are both worrisome and enlightening.

(Original Hardcover) What would you fight for? What would you die for? What would you kill for? Would you fight for peace? Would you die for freedom? Would you kill for justice? This edition contained an electronic LCD counter.

The nature of Z appeals to readers from certain parts of the world. Many aspects of Z are hard to believe, but not for those who are aware of world affairs from certain perspectives from which many in the West have been shielded.

Polish readers do not need another thriller. They have plenty of their own. This book was published because Polish people could understand Z at a deeper level than other nations. This edition is for Eastern Europe.

Russians and Ukrainians read Z in a way that makes them wonder how it was approved in their country. Z exposes organised-crime from those in high ranks. Russia and Ukraine are no strangers to the cloak and dagger.

This book was the world’s first comprehensive dictionary on the market. It was also the first to incorporate international standards, and to include a style manual (for improved communication) and market data from IDC.

Accurate research figures and up-to-date industry analysis were essential ingredients in the preparation of this second edition. Jonar’s laser-sharp definitions are a must for any technical expert who appreciates accuracy.

This was the first edition that started the successful series. It contains quotable quotes and fascinating industry insight. It looks at the people, the products, and the companies that made the industry what it is today.

This dictionary is ideal for legal students who need to gain a better understanding about legalese. It contains comprehensive cross-references and covers a broad cross-section of the legal framework.

No legal practitioner can afford to be without this publication. We live in a litigious world, and understanding the terminology is a vital first step to surviving on the legal battlefields.