Our fees and promise of confidentiality

Welcome to Logictivity. On this page we outline our policy in relation to client confidentiality and our fee structures. If we can assist you in any way, please complete this Business Request Form and one of our Business Managers would be delighted to contact you.


Logictivity works for some of the biggest names in business, government, education, and entertainment. Most of our work is conducted on the basis that everything we do with clients is 100% confidential and top secret. Some of our individual (as opposed to corporate) clients are household names, and they treat their work seriously and seek anonymity. For this reason, we never publish a list of private clients, and we do not publish case studies. The clients whose names appear on this site are those who engage us for assignments that they have since made public.

You can rest assured that we would never divulge your name to anyone, nor mention to anyone that we are acting on your behalf. Even our family members never get to know who our clients are. We treat your confidentiality with the utmost of respect, and never even use your name in conversation.

Our fees

Naturally, our range of fees varies. However, it is only fair to state that our fees are among the highest in the consulting world. There are several reasons why we have high fee structures.

First, we add value by providing intellectual property. Our advice often saves organisations millions of dollars. When you engage our services, you are not buying bodies of administrators. Instead, you are tapping into expertise and experience that combine to bring you innovative ideas and sound advice. We do not drown you in volumes of research and reports unless you specifically ask for them, and even then, we only take on such assignments if we believe we can add value. There are many well-established firms that perform these tasks well.

Our services focus on providing ideas and solutions. Hence, our fees reflect the serious nature of our work, and the exclusivity of our intellectual property.

Second, our fees never include the option for us to make money in any other way. For example, it has become trendy for prestigious consulting firms to seek stock options. We abhor this practice, and never engage in it. Your good fortune is yours to keep.

Furthermore, if we ever put you in touch with another firm, a law firm, an advertising agency, a production house, another client, or a manufacturer or researcher, we would never charge you an administration fee, and we would never accept a commission from the third party. For example, many consultants and agencies receive kickbacks and commissions, and although this has been normal practice for decades, we strongly object to this type of business behaviour because it compromises the advisers.

When we consult, we have a single-minded mission, and that is to serve the client; not to find ways to make more money through distracting commissions. Our clients can be absolutely certain that our advice is completely impartial.

Side-line commissions are like back-door earning mechanisms for unscrupulous agencies, which end up costing the client up to ten times the fee structure. Our fees appear high at first, simply because we never prey on clients in this way.

Jonar’s fee structure

Our principal consultant is our Chairman, Jonar Nader. You are welcome to specifically request his services. However, due to the high demand, we encourage you to plan ahead as much as possible so that we can secure a slot in his diary.

Many enquire about Jonar’s fees, and these range from hourly rates to project-based rates.

As a presenter and lecturer, Jonar’s basic fees for a one-hour keynote start at $10,500 for Sydney-based engagements and can exceed $50,000 per keynote, depending on the brief and the location. Naturally, workshops and expenses are additional. All our prices are in Australian dollars, and attract 10% GST where applicable.

These are indicative prices only, and we would be pleased to learn more about your requirements so that we can provide you with a comprehensive quotation. As you can imagine, no two assignments are the same. Our fees vary depending on the scope of the work.

If you would like to discuss ways in which Logictivity might be able to assist you, please complete this Business Request Form and we would be delighted to contact you.