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That first interview

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BTB_That_first_interviewFrom Lose Friends Radio comes this segment called ‘That first interview’, narrated as an excerpt from one of Jonar’s books. You can read the transcript below, or listen to the original broadcast by clicking on the green play button: [audio:BTB_57_The_first_interview.mp3]

From the Lose Friends series, here is what Jonar Nader has written about: THAT FIRST INTERVIEW

Whether you like it or not, people do make judgements about you based on what they see and hear in the first sixty seconds of a meeting. This could be by your confidence, articulation, stance, the way you shake hands, how you carry yourself, how well you listen, and where your eyes gaze. Your level of comfort can be easily seen by experienced observers. At the end of such an encounter, people might use an obscure reason as to why you were not selected, when in fact, they might not have been comfortable with your personality. They will not write a letter saying that you were not chosen because you lacked certain social graces. They are more likely to say, ‘We will keep your application on file and let you know if a suitable position comes up.’

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