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Observations: About theft

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Thieves and robbers might soon have to contend with clever technology that might trip them up. Imagine being x-rayed when you walk into a bank. This means that robbers who place masks over their face would no longer be hidden because their complete body scan can be provided to courts as proof of their involvement in a hold-up. Jonar speaks with Bruce and Phil about a range of other technological gadgets. To listen to an excerpt from the radio broadcast, click on the green arrow below.

Here is a transcript of the audio file.

Host: Jonar Nader, good evening, what are we talking about?

Jonar Nader: I just thought a bit of a technology round-up this time. I was interested in how people put masks on and go into banks and steal things and in the good ol days they put on the door little stickers with colours to help you know how tall the thief was, then they put the bullet proof glass, and then they put cameras but now none of that is any good so I think that pretty soon we will have the x-ray camera, the camera that will see right through you so that we can have a pattern of your bones for potential police line ups and proof in court. They just have to work out what that would do to you because of the rads that would go through you. It is not very healthy to have x-rays.

Then there is this other thing which is the lockable revolving door. In Britain you have many buildings with revolving doors, well they are larger now and they are single entry meaning you go in and you are in your quarter and your quarter stops until you can be identified until you put a ticket into the turnstile until you give us retina scan or finger print etc so that the old notion of the piazza or plaza or cosmopolitan centre even the Realto might change now. We don’t necessarily want people to come in and join the fun unless they are identified. So this fortification process, the slowing down of entr. That only came to mind because I went to see the Edinborough Military Tattoo.

How about this new technology where they have just invented something called the ‘visible light networking’. Normally networks and radio lines and computer lines are either fibre optic or cable, but now through light pulses (which is obviously what laser can do and what fibre optics does) but light pulses from your car headlights can soon be sending information through the internet, so there will be flickering perhaps in an ultraviolet way or in a colour you can’t see, and that is how cars can be connected to the world rather than relying on these horrible radio networks that just keep cutting out, and if anyone calls you from a mobile phone, you know what I mean.

Finally I thought I’d turn you attention to the notion that in the good ol days people bought computers based on reliability based on robustness, connectivity, now it’s to do with coolness and colour and fashion. So Chanel and Dior and Cartier are no longer the things kids judge themselves by. It’s more to do with the gadgets that we have. No one cares about the technical aspects, it’s got to look cool, it’s got to look good in the colour range and in the odd shapes.

Host: Thank you for that Jonar.

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