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Observations: About visual radio

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A wide-ranging discussion about life, covering fun topics, mixed with serious news. Jonar speaks with Bruce and Phil about the brands we trust. Jonar also reports about the innovation of visual radio that is more interactive. To listen to an excerpt from the radio broadcast, click on the green arrow below.

Here is a transcript of the audio file.

Host: Hello Jonar have you been to dinner?

Jonar Nader: Yes I’ve been to Tapenyaki. A bit of sushi and a bit of lovely food. The guy in front was doing his typical, catch this, open your mouth let me throw an egg in it. I don’t like that stuff they end up messing up your shirt.

Host: Do you like sitting around the stove? There are some Japanese restaurants where you sit around the stove.

Jonar Nader: Yes it’s all a lot of fuss and nonsense.

Host: Can I be serious for a moment. You’d be devastated by the assassination of the ex prime minister of Lebanan wouldn’t you.

Jonar Nader: Horrid isn’t it. Whatever can you do and I keep saying to people. Don’t think that is the only place it can happen I am so scared because it can happen anywhere and that is why I need us to get tougher; our law enforcement needs to be refined, our police officers and intelligence officers really need to be trained so they are gentlemen who aren’t egotistical who can snap and make decisions quickly, but I worry really because we can sink.

Host: We can sink but how can you predict these atrocities?

Jonar Nader: You can’t predict the atrocity but you can look at what makes them, what ignites them, what inflames them and where the thin edge of the wedge is. For example you see a kid who holds up a supermarket with a gun and he gets off on a good behaviour bond. I’d hang him in the city square. You have to watch how you develop a society of tolerance to the idiots.

Host: I’d like to see hard labour reintroduced for certain criminals

Jonar Nader: People need to feel safe at home and they don’t and we say we have a thing called the gun ban and you are not allowed to have weapons but you can – any idiot who wants a gun can get it and then you are terrorized and what can you do about it? I just think we need tougher law enforcement but the trouble is that to give more ammunition as in legal and moral ammunition to police you start to worry about their corrupt nature and how it corrupts them because corruption is rife. I’m just saying let’s build a solid infrastructure and whip fast, be fast, act fast.

Host: I should explain that Jonar is Lebanese by birth but what topic did you have tonight Jonar.

Jonar Nader: I thought I would talk to you about some social issues and also some technological issues. Have you heard of the visual radio?

Host: No

Jonar Nader: Well you know on the mobile phones today you have games on them and cameras and music players, well next obviously you can listen to radio, imagine in another 2 or 3 years people could be listening to us and this second I could say hands up those who think Madonna is the best singer in the world press No.3 and in an instant we could see who agrees with me or disagrees with you. Or if you have a competition running or if something happens like a Tsunami, instead of talking about it on radio you could send a picture of it to everyone’s cell phone. It is called visual radio and I think we will see more in that and we will have to start thinking about how we can use it much like we already broadcast through the net and some stations have a webcam like ABC stations, for example, so they can watch the host, but I think it will be more interactive.

The next thing I want to tell you about is, remember last year I told you that the Chinese authorities shut down 700 websites and arrested over 200 people in relation to Porn, well only recently they have shut down 12,000 net cafès because they are saying the internet cafès are open to kids, it’s too near school, kids can have access to information, and the Chinese government is very strict on anything that corrupts their society. Now my book is being printed in China because they are the only place that could do it and they asked me, ‘Do you have anything in the book that says anything about the Dalai Lama, the such and such political party and Taiwan?’ because if it did they won’t do it.

I will leave you with a final thought. They had a survey of 2000 advertising executives and researchers from around the world and asked them what are the worlds most trusted brands. It would be interesting to ask our listeners what brand they really trust, that they know if they buy it, it will work to begin with, and if unforeseen things happen they will be looked after. Well this survey found that Apple has reached the top spot as the most trusted brand. Google, strangely enough, because they are really a service provider on the internet, a search engine, people seem to trust Google. Ikea, starbucks coffee and number 5 for the most amazing one is ALJAZEERA. People are saying we trust Aljazeera to give us the other side of the story.

Host: This is Arab TV

Jonar Nader: Yes, and they also provide internet casting and news services from perhaps another perspective. Interestingly on the Asia Pacific list we have the typical Sony, Samsung, Toyota etc. Lonely Planet which is a publishing house comes in at number 5 and Qantas at number 9 but nudie drinks at number 10 have you heard of those, apparently they are just good juices.

Host: We might open the lines to the brands that you respect and trust, that could be cars, sweets, food.

Host: When we were young you would always trust anything in the kitchen made by Sunbeam, Kraft, Kellogs all very trusted brands.

Jonar Nader: The other thing to consider is what the brand is associated with as far as geography is concerned. For example how would you like a motor vehicle made in Jamaica, you would say no way I want one made in Germany and if I said how would you like Coffee made in Germany you might prefer the coffee made in Jamaica.

Host: Isn’t it funny how there is a spot for every product that is associated with these products. So if you say I’ve got some chocolate for you from Belgium you know it would be the best in the world.

Jonar Nader: Sure rather than saying Iran but if you said I have some Caviar from Iran then Oh yes. Yes it is amazing, the Middle east is very good with Nougat and certain sweets.

Host: Thank you Jonar

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