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How to become a data thief Part 2

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Jonar Nader how to become a data thief 2People do not know how to use their technology. They leave the door open to data thieves. Jonar Nader describes the many ways that people can lose their private data to hackers and those driven by curiosity.

Below is a transcript of the audio file.

Host: So what about voice mail and electronic mail, how safe is that?

Jonar Nader: Not at all. I had a friend, whose boss said to her that a very private electronic mail message is going to arrive, don’t open it. Well you never say that to a secretary, well she came up to me and said “look I must know how” and I said “look I really can’t tell you, but for example you don’t have to open the electronic mail to read it, but you can perhaps just send it to yourself from his mail” now in the particular package that were possible. This meant that instead of opening the mail she could just forward it to herself and read it, it was a very saucy private, personal letter that was from some lovey dovey overseas and isn’t necessity the mother of encryption?

Host: Yes.

Jonar Nader: And as far as voice mail is concerned, you know the tone when you dial a phone you can hear tones all the time, so many people do it on hands free and all you need to do is have a Dictaphone on and you record and play back the sound and you get the tones right and you know the four digit code to your voice mail. And the voice mail is the best thing to do it to because you can do it from anywhere outside or at a public phone. Now another thing you have to watchout for is when you got to a hotel. Now many saucy things have happened in offices when people find out who’s having an affair with whom because that executive will travel to Melbourne or overseas and a bill that would come back from a major hotel would have all the phone, bar bills etc on it, and those phones are listed in full, so if somebody is having an affair with somebody else, and they see at 2am the boss was calling Miss somebody else downstairs, rumours can start.

Host: Or mister I suppose.

Jonar Nader: Yes, that is right. And a lot of people in offices thin they can save money by barring IDD and STD and other such from phones, but notice that the fax machine isn’t barred so people go over to the fax machine and make overseas phone calls. Another great trick to do, which is not a great idea if you are caught, is to divert the fax machine to your phone so that when somebody is trying to call the fax at your office it calls your phone instead, and then you get this Beep Beep instead that tells you a fax is coming, you then quickly conference call to a fax machine so that you can divert the faxes coming through and hold confidential data. Now all this sounds so simple, but the simplest of all is the rubbish bin, there is actually a trade out there that will actually call you and clean your rubbish bin out and give you all the important information, with all these espionage businesses going around left, right and centre, it is so easy and there is so much of it out there. And you know there is a Bachelor of Science which is called a BSC, well there is another one called BSR which is a Bachelor of Shredding Recovery, and there are actually people who study how to recover shredded material. And now with computer imaging you can actually put little pieces of shred through it and it will actually map them for you so it is getting much easier, but then the tonnage of paper is getting much harder to look through as well.

Host: Jonar, did all this come out of espionage or the idea of espionage, or just trying to crack a computer and get to the bottom of something that just seemed much smarter then the average person?

Jonar Nader: You mean the people doing it?

Host: Yes.
Jonar Nader: Curiosity, we all know about the great royal scandal where somebody pressed the redial button and found out who is speaking with whom, and at home, how many of you dial a number and think that nobody knows about it, but the next person can press redial and the best thing people can do is press clear redial, I mean how many people don’t use their technology. But that goes back to the question. Technology is fantastic for those who know how to use it, and it is great when it gives you and advantage. But that is where you must always read up and stay one step ahead, and you will so perhaps next time we can talk about some more, because there are dozens of ways and dozens of things to look out for.

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