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Jonar on Gibran : ABC Radio

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Jonar Nader was interviewed by Dr Rachael Kohn on ABC Radio National to explore the life of Kahlil Gibran, the author of The Prophet. In this interview, Jonar reads some of his favourite passages, and delves into his own childhood.

Born in Canada, Dr Kohn graduated with an MA and PhD in Religious Studies from McMaster University. Before joining the ABC in 1992, she taught Religious Studies at universities in Australia, England, and Canada.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation says, ‘The Spirit of Things is an adventure into religion and spirituality. It explores contemporary values and beliefs as expressed through ritual, art, music, and sacred texts. The program focuses on how we discover, celebrate and make sense of spiritual meaning in our lives, both in established traditions and novel beliefs and practices.’

Dr Kohn’s interview was called, ‘Not the Bible’. The synopsis said, ‘Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet (1923) is still a spiritual best-seller, yet its author, a Maronite Christian from Lebanon, believed that Godliness was achievable outside the church. On the occasion of the State Library of NSW’s first exhibition of his art, fellow countryman Jonar Nader talks about Gibran’s perennial wisdom.’

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