Believe it or not

The very deep pool

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BION_35From Lose Friends Radio comes this ‘Believe it or not’ segment Number 35, called ‘The very deep pool’. You can read the transcript below, or listen to the original broadcast by clicking on the green play button: [audio:Jonar_Nader_35_The_very_deep_pool.mp3]
Believe it or not, according to Jonar Nader, the way to prevent babies from drowning in back-yard swimming pools is to build them deeper.

Researchers have noted that when a baby crawls to the edge of a high surface, like a kitchen table, they do not fall off, yet when they come to the edge of a swimming pool they take that extra step and tumble in, often drowning.

The difference is in the perception of depth. A baby seems to understand depth, and so, does not fall from a high table. With this revelation, the CamBam Pool company has patented a new type of pool.

Their first innovation is the water level. Camille Bamonne of Rouse Hill Investments said that modern pools are dangerous because the water level is flush with the edge, babies are thus deprived of any depth information. They get the impression that the water is continuous with the solid surface. She explains that in CamBam pools the highest water level is 30 centimetres below the edge.

The second innovation is a patented projection system that is installed at the edge of the pool. It projects an image which creates an optical illusion. When seen from the point of view of a baby, the water surface appears to be metres away. This activates babies’ depth perception making them significantly less likely to step into the pool.

We are still testing the product which, if successful, will revolutionise the pool industry and make CamBam the most sought after company to be floated this decade.

Believe it… or not.

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