Believe it or not

Tickle your fancy

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BION_33From Lose Friends Radio comes this ‘Believe it or not’ segment Number 33, called ‘Tickle your fancy’. You can read the transcript below, or listen to the original broadcast by clicking on the green play button: [audio:Jonar_Nader_33_BION_Tickle_your_fancy.mp3]
Believe it or not, according to Jonar Nader, you can now forget the sit-ups and push-ups. Although these work well for some, they don’t do much for the novice because people tend to stop as soon as they feel the pain. According to Toby Meyer, fitness guru to the stars, we are our own worst enemy. Mr Meyer said that people go to great lengths to purchase the right bits of equipment, but they do not work hard enough to get any benefit from them.

Mr Meyer and his colleagues are looking for investors to launch their latest fitness system which guarantees fast weight loss yet requires no equipment and no diet. They have perfected a technique that works all the muscle groups, involves no pain, and keeps people coming back for more. It’s fun, easy, and guaranteed to have you laughing.

His idea is to launch a franchise of studios called ‘The padded cell’ where members are strapped down and tickled for 12 minutes at a time. It certainly takes the hard work out of the equation and adds new meaning to the phrase ‘laugh it off’.

For advanced members Mr Meyer is developing a strap-on electric pulse machine which provides an intensive tickle.

The only better way to get a full work out is to join Zero, the new aqua club, where members are plunged into tanks of freezing cold water. They claim that no other exercise system in the world can activate more muscles simultaneous.

Believe it… or not.

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