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BTB_ChangeFrom Lose Friends Radio comes this segment called ‘Change’, narrated as an excerpt from one of Jonar’s books. You can read the transcript below, or listen to the original broadcast by clicking on the green play button:

From the Lose Friends series, here is what Jonar Nader has written about: CHANGE

How can we say that people do not like change? I say that people love change. They like innovation. They enjoy variety.

They appreciate improved dental procedures and they are grateful for advancements in medical science.

They devour new flavours and new music.

In fact, we all seek new experiences and we desire to discover information, love, and ways to get closer to our dreams.

What people do not like is change from that which they know works, to that which they can bet their bottom dollar would not work. People welcome change. It’s the broken promises they dislike — along with endless rhetoric that they know, from years of experience, will not live up to expectations.

People love change if it delivers on its promise. They hate change that is unpredictable, inconvenient, unstable, and erratic.

For information about Jonar’s books, please visit the official website www.LoseFriends.com

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