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On loyalty

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Boss_10_LoyaltyFrom Lose Friends Radio comes this reading ‘On loyalty’, narrated as an excerpt from ‘How to Lose Friends and Infuriate Your Boss’. You can read the transcript below, or listen to the original ABC recording by clicking on the green play button: [audio:Boss_Jonar_Nader_10_Loyalty.mp3]


As an employee, your first loyalty is to your boss, regardless of whether or not your boss is deserving of your attention and commitment. Even if you have to contend with an incompetent manager, you must deliver on your commitments. Avoid the temptation to treat bad bosses badly. It’s not a question of the person or the personality, but one of position and office. You might not respect your boss, the person, but you must respect your boss, the office bearer. For example, when citizens salute their national flag, are they saluting the piece of cloth? Surely they are declaring their support to their constitution, to their form of government, to their leaders, and to their laws. When urged to respect the boss, employees are being urged to pay respect to the position. It is their duty to pay attention, to give respect, and to provide loyalyty.

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