Driver training simulators

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In this day and age, why don’t we train young drivers via computer simulators so that they can really understand the physics of driving? Jonar believes that no driver should be permitted to drive unless they are well trained. The annual road toll is unbearable. Jonar, Bruce, and Phil all agree about zero-tolerance in relation to drink-driving.


(Here is another article wherein Jonar discusses what is currently available on the market. Click here to read the article is called, ‘3D driving simulators are now available’.)

Here is a transcript of the audio file.

Host: Now it’s to Jonar Nader, what are we up to tonight?

Jonar Nader: I was thinking about the holiday season coming up and we how are going to hear about all the terrible road toll. I was just wondering thinking why, oh why, do we let anyone behind the wheel who is not truly competent and well trained? In this modern day and age when we can have excellent computerised simulation, like we do for pilot training, why can’t we have a million dollar machine where you can really train kids how to drive aggressively, what happens with sleet etc. You see when we train young people to drive, we tell them to be soft and timid and they have no idea what their car is capable of. We let them on the road and put a little sticker on and call them ‘provisional’ or Ls’. It just should not happen. We should not tolerate any one drinking on the road, at all. I don’t know why we even….

Host: We were in favour of zero tolerance, like a pilot, you don’t have a drink for 12 hours before you get behind a wheel.

Jonar Nader: and now we have drug issues coming up with young people, and then you have the other issues of eye sight. I mean a lot of people do not realise when their eye sight is diminishing. For 2 or 3 years you just go on thinking that the signs are bad, who painted them, when it is in fact you. So why don’t we have annual testing given that we have dozens of people dying left front and centre. For those kids who love to accelerate and rev let’s give them a recreational centre, like you have a bungy jumping centre, let’s give them a car racing centre, and let them kill themselves against a brick wall if that is how they see their car.

Host: No I agree certainly with zero tolerance and simulators, surely we could perfect a simulator for a young person to get behind the wheel and even have a scoring method at good driving.

Jonar Nader: Yes and a really good tests. I remember when I went for my test all I had to do was turn right left, stop, and that was it, I got my provisional licence.

Host: All I had to do was back into a gutter.

Jonar Nader: Yes and dare we talk about the people who slide $50 under the seat and get their licence.

Host: That might have happened in Beirut but it wouldn’t happen in Australia.

Jonar Nader: Mind you I was in India the other day and, gosh, if you can drive in India you can drive anywhere.

Host: Did you drive there.

Jonar Nader: No I don’t dare drive anywhere. I don’t even drive in Melbourne, I just find that if you don’t know where you are going it is a most unpleasurable experience.

Host: It is shocking because you are looking at street signs as opposed to the view.

Jonar Nader: Yes.

Host: Alright Jonar it is a good point. We will get people to comment on that. Should people go to a simulator and learn how to put up with sleet and slippery roads and wet conditions. Thanks Jonar, good night.

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