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Living by halves

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Jonar Nader says that if something does not add value to your life, cut it in half. This is what he means by ‘Living by Halves’. But what should we do with addictions? Further below is a transcript of the video.

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Here is the transcript:

(Bassy): Our next guest has a cure to cancer – corporate cancer that is. He tells it as he sees it in his book, “How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People”. Jonar Nader is here to share the secrets to success in the business world. And we thank you so much for joining us. We’re really glad to have you here.

Jonar Nader: Thanks, Bassy

(Bassy): First of all, let’s put to rest the cease and desist order there. So, this is really, really interesting. Dale Carnegie and associates, they were wanting to sue because of their classic novel. Explain that story and where it stands right now.

Jonar Nader: Yes. Well, as you know, my book is called “How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People.”

(Bassy): Right.

Jonar Nader: Theirs is called “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. And they somehow think that they own the title, they’re on a corporate opposite. So, that was little bit of a silly situation. But they’re a huge organization with so much power. They created so much damage by sending me this letter. My first publishers dumped me. A lot of publishers have dumped me in certain countries. They’ve created so much trouble. But my readers are saying to me, “Jonar, in your book, you say, ‘Stand up to bullies.’ Well, let’s see how you’re going to handle this.” So, apparently, according to the legal letter my book and my work is unfair competition. So, it’s quite an honor, really, that I’m unfair competition to an author who has sold 70 million copies of his book.

(Bassy): Absolutely.

Jonar Nader: So, I’m fighting this all the way. And it is a great case study to show how to do it. And I’ll continue to fight.

(Bassy): Where did the name come from?

Jonar Nader: It was in a meeting, and someone was trying to intimidate me. And I said, “Jonar, would you just get on with it? You sure know how to win friends and influence people.” And I turned around and I said, “No. But it sure seems like I know how to lose friends and infuriate people.” And it just came out of the blue. I just had no idea where it came from, but it was the fact that people were trying to intimidate me because I was standing for what I believed. And I went home that night almost crying, thinking, you know, all through of my at school, in the backseat of the bus, everywhere I go, I forever get it wrong. And here I am, a senior executive in a huge corporation, and I still don’t have it right. What’s the problem? And it’s because I always stand up for what I believed was right. And there, the title was born in the boardroom out of stupidity.

(Bassy): There’s so much to talk about. What is the overall philosophy of this book?

Jonar Nader: Well, there are several things. One is to follow your heart, do what you believe is right. But before you do that, you need to build your skills, understand the network world in which we live. You cannot win a fight unless you understand the environment. And there’s no point going out saying, oh, I feel motivated, I think I’m going to do this if you haven’t built your talent, build your skills. So, the book comes in three parts. First is how to develop yourself and build yourself. Second is how to understand how to work with others, and third is you need to understand the network world. These are the three things that form the cycle of success for the modern day. And part of that maze, for example, understanding that in the network world today, the intangibles are the things that win. And in the intangibles world, it’s the weakest element that will win or lose. So, we need to watch the weakest element, whether it be that corporate cancer that comes and goes very quickly…

(Bassy): Right.

Jonar Nader: …or the weakness in ourselves.

(Bassy): You talked about living by halves. You also talk about fluid shares. Can you explain some those? Those are very interesting.

Jonar Nader: Okay. Sure. Look, living by halves first says, “Look at your life and say to yourself, ‘What is not adding value?'” Sometimes, people watch 22 hours of television a week. If that is not adding value, halve it. If you have too much sugar and you know that’s bad for you, halve it. So, you need to live by halves because when you go to bed at night, all that you have is energy. Even if you have $10 million in a bank account and a beautiful car…

(Bassy): Yes.

Jonar Nader: …you only have the energy you have. So you’ve got to take a stock of what’s sapping your energy. Halve it. If it’s an addiction, you’ve got to just chop it. You know, if it’s an addiction of gambling or alcoholism, these are very real, there’s no halving, there’s only cutting.

(Bassy): Okay.

Jonar Nader: The fluid share program says that we need to share, win together, lose together. So many corporations are failing today because there is “them and us” attitude. They go, “Oh, well. What do I care about wasting money, wasting electricity?” Because you can’t feel it. You’re just an employee. I say make everyone on the same salary, on the same bonus, on the same scheme, now everyone works together and says, “I care.” And if I see you stealing something, I care. And if I see you breaking something, I have a reason to say something because I know that that’s going to come out of my salary at the end of the month. We win together, we lose together. Fluid share doesn’t work for everybody. It’s like medicine. You know, some medicine works for you, and it doesn’t. But it is a super, super powerful program that will scare a lot execs around $30 million. “What? I’m not going to give up $30 million to share it with the receptionist.” But little do they know the receptionist is losing the business by the minute.

(Bassy): Absolutely.

Jonar Nader: Because…

(Bassy): Very interesting concept.

Jonar Nader: Yeah.

(Bassy): I bet the station here will really like it today.

Jonar Nader: Yes.

(Bassy): Thank you so much. Very, very interesting book, “How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People”. We appreciate your time.

Jonar Nader: Thanks.

(Bassy): We’ll check in on…

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