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Facing threats from Dale Carnegie

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Jonar Nader takes on the multi-billion-dollar Dale Carnegie empire whose New York lawyers have demanded that Jonar cease and desist with selling his books. The news travelled around the world, starting with Reuters in New York. While Jonar was lecturing in New Zealand, television crews wanted to know what would happen next. Further below is a transcript of the video.

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Here is the transcript:

Female: Give the man a microphone and he will give you his opinion. Jonar C. Nader among other things, he is a lecturer, public speaker, broadcaster and author. Based in Sydney, he is in Hamilton on the series of lectures around the country.

Jonar Nader: On this occasion I’m looking at the future. So, I’m being a futurist and sometimes I’m a business executive who helps people understand technology and society. Sometimes I talk to governments and help them understand about fraud and the next major impacts of technology and fraud. And I also have a book called How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People and that book is about leadership and I am involved very heavily in training people about what leadership means, how it applies to personal development and also business and corporate development.

Female: It’s that book a guide to personal achievement, management and leadership that has ironically infuriated a US company that was built on the back of the popular 1930s book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. Lawyers for Dale Carnegie & Associates sent Nader a cease and desist letter saying they object to the use of the book title. The self-published Lebanese author has been forced to practice what he preaches.

Jonar Nader: Where it said is that they’ve made all sorts of threats. They’ve said that they will take this until the end and I have said I’ll take this until the end and let’s see. Interestingly, this is a test of character because my readers are now saying, ‘Well Jonar, you tell us to stand up for our rights, what are you going to do about it?’ And sure enough, I’ve done lots about it.

Female: Nader says he’ll fight the empire with all he’s got. Carlie Kirkwood, Prime Local News.

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