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Jonar Nader and his book in the USA

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Jonar Nader

Jonar Nader explains what his book is about. He speaks with News 7 in the USA as part of his US nation-wide book tour. Further below is a transcript of the video.

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Here is the transcript:

Female Speaker: Why losing friends and infuriating people may actually help you succeed at work.

Don: That story, of course, is coming up. For those have heard or maybe even read the book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” but there’s a new book out called “How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People.” Jonar Nader wrote the book. He joins us this morning live to talk about it. Good morning, Jonar. Thank you for joining us.

Jonar Nader: Hi, Don. Thanks for having me.

Don: Hey, the title of the book, of course, sounds like it would be a direct opposition to Dale Carnegie’s book that most of us are familiar with. But it’s really not the case as I’ve thumbed through it. In a nutshell, what is it really all about?

Jonar Nader: Well, it’s about following your heart and doing what has to be done. The philosophies of old have done a great job. And Dale Carnegie did a great job. But today we have to learn opposites. We were taught things like conflict avoidance. We also need to understand when do I actually stand up and count. We were taught things like focus, focus, focus, but now we also need to do opposites simultaneously. Like we need to be aware while focused simultaneously. We need to understand fear and courage simultaneously. We need to know when to be patient – because patience is a virtue….

Don: Right.

Jonar Nader: …but at the same time impatience is also wonderful.

Don: Let’s talk about some of the chapters. Chapter 9: Forget about Teamwork.

Jonar Nader: Yeah.

Don: It doesn’t – it doesn’t sound really good, but explain what that means.

Jonar Nader: Look, you know, teamwork is something that’s so important, but what do people think? They think teamwork is about getting people together who can – who are happy together and who can play golf together. But, no, teamwork is not about getting people together; it’s about getting the right people together. So, we shouldn’t pretend that just by being happy that somehow we’re going to, well, get on. No. You need to construct teams that work in the same way you construct ingredients…

Don: Move one more chapter ahead. Chapter 10: It’s Not What You Give, But What You Take.

Jonar Nader: Yeah? Well, you know, what do our bosses say? They say, “I hereby empower you.” You cannot say to someone, “You are no longer scared of spiders,” but what you can do is say, “I’ll take away the bureaucracy, the red tape, the stupidity.” By taking away the stupidity, now people can become self-empowered.

Don: We’re running out of time. I did want to say that I did enjoy reading some of it, especially the Balcony of Life, which is in Chapter 1. We’ll leave people hanging there so they might want to pick up the book. Thank you very much for joining us this morning…

Jonar Nader: Yeah, thank you.

Don: …and talking about your book. Interesting title, that is for sure.

Jonar Nader: Thanks, Don.

Don: Thank you Mr. Nader.

Female Speaker: So, in light of that, the truth can come out about us and whether we really like one another or not.

Don: Yeah. It’s definitely a – I love the title, you know, and the book, yeah.

Female Speaker: “How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People.” Alexandra does that every day.

Don: When she….

Female Speaker: You know.

Don: … has a bad forecast, yeah.

Female Speaker: That’s why, you know, I’m totally conflict avoidant and, Kairley, you’re the opposite, so this book is really good for you.

Kairley: It’s true.

Female Speaker: You go right in for the kill.

Kairley: I know, it’s my job.

Female Speaker: And you’re good at it. All right, well, good morning, everyone.

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