The language of quality

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Jonar Nader advises against gold or platinum memberships because they train staff members into thinking that some clients are less important than others. He encourages organisations to conduct a ‘promise’ audit to see the grand promises that are being made to the public. Further below is a transcript of the video.

There are two videos below. The second one is of a higher quality for those with high-speed internet connection. The first video is 8 Mb. The second is 15 Mb. Video length is 4 minutes and 40 seconds.

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Here is the transcript:

Jonar Nader: Quality. Look, you can give any quality you like. I’m not suggesting buy quality that is good or that is bad. I’ll tell you what it has to be. It has to be what you promised. What did I say? What did I say?

Participant: I think there are people that were yelling at consistently.

Jonar Nader: Oh, who’s saying consistent? You want a book? Okay. Four people get a book there.

I’m unpredictable. Don’t you go calling out unannounced, you might get your book taken away from you.

When I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you.

Now, quality. It’s what you promised. Now, you know, I love quality orders on promised orders. Pick out any ad for BMW or Mercedes Benz or this insurance company or that company and read the superfluous superlatives that just tell you that we are the best and the greatest and the this and the that and there is just nothing left beyond it. The ultimate shaver. Apparently, Gillette was the ultimate shaver. Then you have to have two. Now, I’ve got three. Apparently, it’s four and my friends told me there’s a five thingy now. I said, ‘Why don’t you put just a wall and just scrape your head against the wall and be done with it?’

But everyone if you read them, it says, the ultimate shaving pleasure. Oh, no. Let’s put three blades, the ultimate shaver. What’s more beyond ultimate? Stop using such words and yet you read all the promises that people make. No wonder the quality is hopeless because you can never reach the promise. The promise is so high. It’s incredible and pointless. Don’t make promises you cannot deliver. That – that’s a question of quality.

I was at Greater Union Cinemas only two, three days ago. Have you noticed that they have this thing called internet booking? So, if you book online and say, movie, you can come and jump the kid. Now, if you belong to Greater Union and you heard of this new marketing program, what would you say and do? Is this a good idea? Say people from waiting? Do you think it’s a good idea?

Well, as with all good ideas, the execution is flawed. I was at the biggest cinema in George Street, Sydney. I was in this line. There was another line here, another line here and another line here. There’s four of us waiting. I have photos if any of you dis – disbelieve me. I have photos on my computer. I’ll show you. And the line went out all the way to George Street like a hundred people. Four times a hundred. That’s four. This here was jump the queue. And he said, internet bookings come here but there was no one serving. So, what happened? The internet queue was here and I was here. And this milady was serving them, serving them, serving them, serving them, serving them. They’re going, ‘Stuff you mate.’

And you know, I don’t – you know, I don’t have – you know, I – and I confronted the woman. I said, ‘Excuse me. What’s the logic in this? So, the rest of you, stuff you and if you have an internet, come to us and you know, don’t assume. Watch what you’re doing here.’ And the reason I worry is because I’ve been to Greater Union that many times and I’ve seen their ads and their ads are marvelous. They all hug each other. And have you seen the Greater Union ads? People just, you know, moving about. There was nothing lovey dovey about this, waiting for 35 minutes. There’s no hope of moving because the – despite being a Qantas and I’m a Qantas member and I get a priority ticket wherever I go, but we business people because we all travel at the same time, at 7AM in the morning. We’re all Qantas members and we all get priority. And I – I have pictures right here. I can show you that my bag being the last one out.

Because we’re all priority members. I do not like any form of priority service whatsoever. I do not approve of gold card members, platinum card members, black, clear, plastic or otherwise. It just does not work. Why? Because it says to the staff members, not let’s give this people a better service. It translates into giving other people less better service.

So, do you think your platinum card goes to another number? No. It just flashes up a platinum. I’ve been waiting for 25 minutes because I’m a mere gold. Card goes in and he pushes in. It’s not that he’s getting his own operator, he’s barging in so I’m the inconvenienced. I don’t approve of that because it’s actually teaching the staff that says, some people can get stuffed basically. Bad attitude. Quality.

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