Showing their true colours

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Canon has a new camera. I saw a promotion for it in an airline magazine. Below you can see the remarkable difference in the before-and-after shot. Sounds like a great idea, until you read the fine print. The asterisk warns that what we see is merely a simulation of how TruCapture can work. Hey, why not show us what the camera actually does? This is a photo of what a photo could do? Someone engaged a camera to show us what a camera could do? Please, I means really! If the camera is so good, why not use it to take a photo and show us what it can do!

On the left, we see that we’ve reached an age where organisations can no longer tell us why their product is great. They promote their product based on the packaging. Mount Franklin does not promote its water based on its purity. Rather, we are to be impressed that the bottle uses 35% less plastic than previous bottles. I guess it’s Mount Franklin’s reaction to all the bad publicity that water bottles have been receiving. In trying to learn more about this move, I inspected the company’s Facebook page and website. Sadly, the first entry I saw read, ‘OMG your new water bottles are so annoying!! Loud, crunching noises…irritates everyone at work. Will be switching to another brand.’ The second entry said, ‘So, are you guys joking with the new plastic bottle lids that don’t come off? I’m pretty strong and after 5 minutes and a sore hand, I passed it to another strong person who then passed it to another strong person who finally got it off with his shirt. It would be funny if it wasn’t so annoying. This has been an ongoing joke amongst my friends as it seems a lot them are too tight.’ Other complaints were evident. One person complained that he can no longer refill his water bottle because it is too flimsy, which means than he is wasting more plastic than ever before. Mount Franklin said that it has spent $450 million in new PET bottle self-manufactring technology. How does spending $450 million help to save the planet? Money costs a lot of energy to make. So riddle me this: How many bottles of water does Mount Franklin need to sell in order for it to make one dollar, net profit, after tax? Imagine how many bottles this company needs to make and sell, in order to end up with $450 million in spare money, with which to invest in machinery.




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