Throwing words about

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Restaurant owners are picking up bad habits from real-estate agents. This Indian restaurant offers free delivery. However, the restaurant prefers that you go and pick-up the order yourself. The incentive? A poppadom that is on the menu for fifty cents. So now we have to ask if a hungry busy executive is prepared to venture out in the rain for a poppadom. If the crunchy delight is so appealing, the client might push the boat out and spend another fifty cents, especially in view of the minimum order which must reach $25.00. What if the $25.00 had included a large serving of a poppadom. Is the offer transferrable to say a Mango Lassi or a naan bread? Perhaps not, given the price differentials.

So we have to wonder who thought of this incentive, and what the objective was, and how well it is working. By the way, whenever I see such amazing terms and conditions, I search for more, thinking that any menu or brochure that makes one daft offer, must indeed make other silly offers. The menu from the Indian restaurant did live up to my theory. It offered Googley Masala ‘cooked in herbs, spices in a special way’. It seems that they might have been lost for words. Is there no other way to describe the ‘special way’? Someone came to the rescue and nailed it. We are told that the dish is a ‘real delight for cricket lovers’. I wonder what’s on offer for opera buffs.

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