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In view of the much-publicised hold-ups of money vans, I wonder why ACM Currency Management needs its logo on vans such as this. I was walking in Auckland and noticed these vans and thought that the logo draws too much attention to the van.

Would it not be safer for all concerned if such vans were a bit more inconspicuous? What’s wrong with plain white vans? Or why not disguise the vans by painting something mundane on them like, ‘Joe’s Meats’?

ACM is a subsidiary of Armaguard. I guess one could argue that the logo helps to promote the company. How many people in the street are likely to see the logo and feel compelled to become a client? Money management is not a mainstream product. The decision-makers who might form part of the target-market would not be so unfamiliar with the players in the market as to not know of the existence of Armaguard.

Could it be that the logo is a legal requirement used to pre-warn would-be robbers that the guards are armed, so that if anything happens, it could be argued that the robbers knew to expect a bullet in the worst case scenario. It might be like the warnings in stores that say that video cameras are operating.

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