No smoking. But just in case you do…

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No smoking illuminated sign- Jonar NaderYou know that time has marched on when you notice things that do not belong in this era. For example, how many times must we be reminded that smoking is not permitted on airlines? Wherever we go, we are read the Riot Act and told that smoking is out of the question, and that detectors are fitted in the washrooms. Maybe some airlines do allow smoking, and so we have to make it clear to all passengers. But isn’t it strange that a social habit like smoking, lingers on as a dominant force that must be addressed every time. I wonder which will be the first airline to remove those illuminated signs overhead.
Ashtrays on flightsWhich airline will no longer install ashtrays? Engineers are usually pretty quick to make alterations and adjustments. Why have they kept these ashtrays? And when will they stop printing warning instructions about not placing cigarettes in rubbish bins? Perhaps they are concerned that silly passengers might light-up, and so they need to remind them where not to place the cigarettes. A passenger might break all the rules, and if they do, we do not want them to panic and place a cigarette in the trash-can that contains flammable paper towels.

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