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Irony of Malcolm Turnbull’s Broadband

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Mr Malcolm Turnbull, the Shadow Minister for Communications and Broadband, sent an email asking me to take a survey, saying, ‘Today I am inviting you to be one of the first Australians to participate in the Coalition’s nationwide broadband survey… at the conclusion of the survey [you will] be able to see for yourself the speed of your broadband service. It will also provide the Coalition with more information about the current state of existing broadband in our cities, outer suburbs and regions.’

So I clicked as instructed, and where did it go? To a page that is unavailable. So I thought that was ironic! Sometimes, errors are funnier when they prove a point. One of my quotable quotes says, ‘Comedy is not a process of making one laugh, but of making one think.’ Was there method behind this? Or was it pure madness?

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