Poles apart

Sign on the dotted line

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The photo above shows a poll on which I have placed a red dot, to draw your attention to the pole that could have been used for the sign. Alas, there was a good reason why we have to endure two poles when one would have sufficed.

Below is the answer. The pole on which I placed the red dot is a private pole. The sign says so. I wonder why it is there, and what led its owners to protest thus? There’s a story behind every moment of madness. Hang on, the red sign warns of private property. Does the pole not belong to the same private owners. So why could they not give themselves permission? Is this a case of the left hand now allowing the right hand…?
Let us take a look at my collection of photos of signs that seem to have been erected in the wrong place, perhaps due to contracts, laws, regulations, policies, fine print, and bureaucracy. Perhaps it would have been way too complicated to seek permission. So it transpired that it was easier to do it the hard way, than the harder way. Or it it a case that a few inches makes all the difference?

In this category, below is my favourite. I wonder who placed the binding clip around both poles. Did the large pole owner give permission, or was it the other way around, or did both parties sign on the dotted line and come to a mutual consent?
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