Poles apart

Sign of co-operation

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In ‘Fawlty Towers’, Sybil says to her husband Basil, ‘The day you co-operate, you’ll be in a wooden box’. One wonders why councils, along with the department of main roads, and landlords, can’t co-operate in an effort to rid a city of its ugly poles and signs. The photo above is an example of good co-operation between the parties. Sharing a wall seems to be the decent thing to do. Whereas below, we see two examples of a change of heart, after a good start. Signs on the wall could not be maintained, and soon, poles were littering the street once more.
Below we see signs of sour grapes. How difficult would it have been to share the larger post? Is it etched in concrete that light posts cannot, under penalty of death, have any signs on them. Is this an electrical technical matter?
We try to save every drop of water, yet the decision makers behind this type of jealousy do not seem to appreciate that there are many other resources that we ought to be conserving.
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