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On distrust

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Boss_04_DistrustFrom Lose Friends Radio comes this reading ‘On distrust’, narrated as an excerpt from ‘How to Lose Friends and Infuriate Your Boss’. You can read the transcript below, or listen to the original ABC recording by clicking on the green play button: [audio:Boss_Jonar_Nader_04_Distrust.mp3]


Losers tend to distrust only those who have shown themselves to be untrustworthy. Whereas winners tend to trust only those who have shown themselves to be trustworthy. No-one should access your trust in advance. It’s not a question of credit. Do not look upon ‘trust’ and ‘distrust’ as expression of ‘like’ and ‘dislike’. Do not see distrust as an insult. by endeavouring other people;’s limits, supreme leaders leave nothing to chance. Distrust is your sensible shield that stops you from having to pay the price for someone else’s frailties.

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