Who is snooping on you? Part 2

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Who is snooping on you at the office? Part 2

We leave many clues behind us in the office. How many shreds of evidence are you leaving around for colleagues to decipher? Is nothing sacred? To listen to an excerpt from the radio broadcast, please click on the green play button below.


Here is a transcript of the audio file.

Host: Let’s look at email. I guess it is still evidence, it is still things that can be read like the old carbons in the bin.

Jonar Nader: Yes, well email is sitting right there on your hard disk and even if you think I’ll go and delete it, it is on 30 hard disks because every day they back up and usually good companies back up every day for 30 days and then they recycle the tapes so if you have some evidence left behind tonight it will take you 30 days to flush it out of the system.

Host: I think carbon might have been better because you could tear them up into tiny tiny tiny bits.

Jonar Nader: and then all the shredders came in you see, but then what some funny people did with the shredders is they disengaged the chopper inside so when you put it through it makes the noise and you think it is gone but all it’s done is plonked into the bin and the blades did not activate.

Host: Gee you would have been good to have around the office.

Jonar Nader: I remember one secretary rushing to me and she said ‘I’ve got this saucy message for the MD, how can I open it without him knowing I opened it?’ I said I don’t know. Anyhow I did know and she finally worked it out but what she did was she forwarded it to herself and in those days again there were a lot of faults with emails and by forwarding the copy to herself, the original copy was untouched because she didn’t have to open it to forward it.

Host: So nobody would have known that she had done it.

Jonar Nader: No and then she knew all the sauce. I just wonder how much of that was legal! Then they started to say let’s save money let’s bring in a computer system that tells us every single phone call, who called whom or when you receive calls etc. So staff began calling themselves through the phone line downstairs so that their log would look big and someone would say oh gee poor Jonar he had 100 calls today, or you could say ‘what is the boss doing calling all these numbers?’ Because they left a log of every single number that left the office. They still do that today but how secure it is….?

Host: It was like the girls on the exchange, I guess they heard everything in the old days when they had that plug system.

Jonar Nader: I was around then and there was no beep beep when you listened in you just flicked the switch. You could hear the whole thing going. In fact, moving from that to the dial telephone was a result of one undertaker. In the local town in Kansas the operator controlled everything so if you called and said give me the florist, she would put you through to her cousin who was a florist; give me an undertaker, it was her husband. This operator who was so angry that her husband was getting all the calls invented the direct dial telephone and the direct dial exchange. Isn’t that a fascinating story.

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