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What is an Atomic Threat?

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Atomic clockWho shut-down the radio station while Jonar Nader was speaking? Was he about to teach terrorists how to bring a city to its knees? After the Millennium Bug, Jonar predicted U2F, and then AT, which stood for Atomic Threat. This topic surfaced once again when Sydney suffered a major power failure. The whole city had no power. The incident triggered Jonar Nader to once again speak about the Atomic Threat, which has nothing to do with bombs. What is the Atomic Threat and what is an Atomic Clock, and how can terrorists use this form of sabotage to bring a nation to its knees?

Below is a transcript of the audio file.

Host: Jonar, welcome back to the evening show.

Jonar Nader: Hello Angela.

Host: Hello, some of your predictions are coming true aren’t they? You were talking about the Y2K bug years ago.

Jonar Nader: Yes, and then a couple of years after that I was talking about Year 2F, which I had a whole session on your show some time ago, the undetectable, untraceable fraud, and at the end of that show I recall saying, “stand by for the next one” and you said “what is the next one?” and I said “AT” and you said “what is that?” And I said “well next time I will tell you.”

Host: So AT stands for Atomic Threat, but you are punting in fact that it may have something to do with the major power failure in Sydney today.

Jonar Nader: Yes, well I can’t be totally sure because I haven’t had time to look into it and I have been dashing in and out of meetings, but it just strikes me that the atomic threat needs to be another thing that society needs to look at, as you know technology is no longer something that happens in back streets and labs, but effects every single person, and here I think is another example. It happens quite a bit, it happened when the British Nanny story was coming out and back that the courts in London were saying that for the first time ever they were going to release the verdict of this British Nanny on the internet before they released it to the major news groups, and the major news groups were quite upset about this because that was their livelihood, being there on the spot and to think that the new medium called the internet was going to steal their infrastructure. And so some your whipper snapper worked out where the nearest power station was that supplied the court, and just a minute before the court was to supply the verdict on the net, there was a power shortage, like we saw in Sydney today, and that power shortage meant that they could not press that button on the internet and the likes of our major news broadcasters got the story first.

Host: So why do you call it an Atomic Threat Jonar?

Jonar Nader: Well it is not atomic in the sense of atomic bomb, it is atomic in the sense that we are using an improved, refined measure of time, in the past we used to measure time in the second, and the second meant there was a frequency between certain laboratory experiments, so that a second was measured in a lab between how quickly light can travel between one element to another. Now what we are saying is, we can measure time by the frequency and speed by which one atomic cell can send a signal to another. That is simplistically speaking, meaning we are going down to the atomic level, meaning the atom and vibrating the atom and working out the vibrations between one and the next. That doesn’t matter to the listener really, but it means that instead of running the whole world on the moon, sun, stars and galaxies, we are running them on these atoms, these atoms are vibrating and telling us what time means. That in itself is not the problem. The problem is not that we are dictating well, where are these atoms places. So we now have 230 such devices around the world, and these devices are talking to each other all the time and they are getting the average, so 230 atomic stations are getting the average and they send out signals to stations like yourself, ABC, CNN and to local traffic lights and they are saying this is what time means now all that again doesn’t mean anything but all that means is tamper with that by one nano second, by a fraction of a second and that whole thing gets thrown out and once thrown out, it is like having a fuse out. It cant cope with it, and I was just looking at my notes here, on the 21st November 1997 I gave a prediction about AT to the Australian Communications Authority and back then they laughed and clapped at the end of it but here is a perfect example of what can happen in Sydney today when you have a problem with the tampering of time.

Host: When you say the tampering are you suggesting that there is some fowl deeds going on behind the scenes Jonar?

Jonar Nader: I couldn’t be sure of that, nor am I really suspecting that, but what I am saying is that it could be a fowl deed or it could just be a general hiccup or a general flaw and all those things are possible, if I could find 230 people willing to do so, we could go and raid all those clocks, that would mean it would send every aeroplane out of orbit because aeroplanes work or geographical timing.

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