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How can you try jeans over the net?

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Body scanner for net clothes shoppingYou can purchase books over the net, but clothes are more difficult because we cannot try them on. Now, as Jonar Nader predicted, there are body scanners to measure you so that you can know exactly what size you are.

Below is a transcript of the audio file.

Host: Some years ago, one of your many predictions, there will be a thing called a body scanner which will measure us in every possible dimension, in other words it will produce a computer image of our size, and this could be used to order clothes for example. And that is then sent off to a retailer and they send back perfectly fitting clothes. I heard a story during the week, that there is a British company that is about to do this.

Jonar Nader: Yes, the idea being that you can buy books and CD’s over the internet beautifully and you can read then and listen to them but how do you buy a shirt that is comfortable and is going to fit you and there are in fact companies out there who are making customised jeans, but how do you know what shape you are? And this is just being developed, and in fact the British government has just put $6 000 000 towards research to this firm. And you walk into this booth that looks like a phone booth or photo booth and it scans about 300 000 points in your body and eventually all that equates to a size so you can then buy jeans and try them on and look at your avatar and look at yourself wearing this product so that if you are buxom or big on the hips or whatever, and see if it fits you, and then you can order it with some confidence.

Host: I like the idea, because after all, because after the many years of searching for jeans because they come in three sizes, the leg size, you know long, regular and short, and I buy the short ones and still have to take them up about two and a half inches.

Jonar Nader: Yes that is true, in fact a jeans company was offering and still is offering customised jeans, but people haven’t caught on to it yet because they don’t know what size to tell the computer to send, but with this way they can be confident.

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