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Google is melting away

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Google is still losing the plot. All that power and all that money, and the company still cannot tame the hackers. My goodness, Google has all the money and technology in the world, and boasts the most amazing algorithms that are more secret than KFC’s secret herbs and spices. Yet, why is Google so fickle that basic scammers and hackers can beat it every single time!

Take a look at this simple Google search. Type in Viagra Sydney, and what does the trusted technology leader return? Links that are completely misleading, designed by hackers who put Google to shame.

Take a close look at the links. They point to government websites. This could point to several issues, one being that hackers know how to bamboozle the technology giant, and the second being that internal staff or hackers have entered government sites and used them because they have high ranking on Google. Whatever the case, it’s egg on the faces of many people, and it proves that even now in 2011, the masterful leaders of the internet still do not have a clue!

Besides, when will Google start to take some responsibility for all the scammers it allows into its search engine. Billions of dollars are being scammed from innocent people who see high ranking links for products they want. Viagra scammers construct impressive websites and promise cheap products, which are blank pills, sold to unsuspecting clients. Some scammers do not even bother to ship out the blanks. They just keep the money, and most people are too embarrassed too exhausted to report the scam. I chase after scammers, like this one from the Institute of Hair Regrowth and Beauty (also known as IHRB). The many people who call me are way too embarrassed to let anyone know that they are seeking treatment for hair loss. How strange that something as visible as hair loss, causes embarrassment. So you can imagine how much more troubling it is for people who are conned by Viagra pedlars, promoting half-price cheap Viagra. So Google lets the likes of the Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty and the Viagra scammers, along with those who say that they can sell you genuine Mont Blanc pens at half price. How pathetic that our society cannot bar these thieves from cyberspace. There are sites that offer millions of songs and books and movies for you to download without paying for them. The most laughable aspect of this is that the site (usually in Russia) ask you to pay $20 to become a member. So it is ok for them to charge $20 to make a living, but it is never ok for artists to earn a single cent. How debauched.

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