WYSIWYG Sara Lee berries

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Advertising_Sara_Lee BoxThis is a delicious product, and I have no complaints about the taste or the quality. I simply wonder what goes through people’s minds when they design product-packaging. We all know that fruit and vegetables grow in odd shapes and sizes, depending on the season and the environment. Notwithstanding, why show a photo on the box that does not represent the contents? In looking at the front of the box, one might presume that the photographer used a zoom lens, and as such, the berries were magnified.

Spoon testYet, the back of the box presumably shows a table spoon, thereby giving the game away by revealing some dimensions. I placed two berries on a regular spoon, and you can see the difference. Why promote the product based upon the best hand-picked berries? I have the same objections about casinos. They always advertise their gambling dens as places where people laugh and win. They should not be allowed to show the exception to the rule. Instead, they should show what the average person will encounter on a normal day. Most people lose at casinos. This means that advertisements should show what is most likely.

Casino winnerIn How to Lose Friends and Infuriate Lovers, I wrote: ‘Have you noticed the skewed ways in which some products are advertised? Take luxury cars. In advertisements, the superbly polished vehicles are often driven by cool cats who live with loving families in impressive homes, surrounded by trendy friends. This is called aspirational advertising. The same goes for lotteries and casinos. They promote their wares by showing us the one winner; not the ten million losers. We are tantalised, teased, and told that next time, we could be that one winner. What are the chances of winning? I could bet a million dollars that if I were to go down to the store now and purchase a lottery ticket, I would not win that illusive grand prize. All the odds are stacked against me, and against all the players. Only one in several million might win. Given that almost every experience ends badly, why do they still show us the fortunes of the minority? This seems like false advertising. They should not be allowed to sell a product by showing us what is least likely. I think they should advertise what is most likely.’

Berry smoothieBack to the berries. I fill a plate, and place it in the microwave oven for one minute, then allow the plate of berries to sit at room temperature for five minutes. They become tangy, sweet, juicy, cold, and delicious. Sometimes I place a handful in the blender, along with milk, a banana, honey, vanilla essence, and an egg. Healthy, thick, and full of goodness. This photo above is not mine, but the drink I produce looks this good. For this reason, I shall keep buying this product.

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