Who thought of it?

Don’t gamble. Let’s gamble!

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My jaw dropped when I visited the NSW Government’s ‘Gambling Help’ website. Right there, on the home page, was an offer to ‘Win an iPad!’ It says, ‘Enter here’. If you have anything to do with problem gamblers, you might find this unbelievable. So much so, that you might want to go to that site to check if I am pulling your leg.

If you have not been affected by the disasters of gambling, you might be thinking, ‘What does it matter?’ In my old age, I have realised that in this world are two types of people. We have those who understand, and those who can’t fathom what the fuss is about. Hence, if you belong to the latter, I will not badger you with my explanations. If the absurdity of this ‘Video Competition’ is not self-evident, I shall not disturb your peace (or is it ignorance).

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