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IHRB & Sam Cohen expose flaw in Google

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I was posting an entry about the bad conduct of Sam Cohen and also about his bad service at his hair loss company called IHRB. In the process, I conducted a search on Google and I came across the article below from the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’. The headline read, ‘Shane Warne Advance Hair Studio ad cut’. The newspaper article speaks about the misleading conduct by Advance Hair Studio. The interesting thing is the ‘Ads by Google’ section actually promotes Advance Hair Studio and offers a link.

This made me think that as large as Google is, it has more code to write. Its software needs some modifications. I would have thought that advertisers should be able to stipulate where their ads go. I know that it is all one big pot, but in this case, it would make sense for the ad not to have been associated with this damning article about the company’s misconduct.

Anyway, IHRB and Sam Cohen always bag Shane Warne and Advance Hair Studio. After investigating Sam Cohen and his methods, I have found that his practices leave a lot to be desired. A full report is now filed at this site dedicated to Sam Cohen and IHRB. The site is designed to assist people who are experiencing hair loss and who are contemplating wasting their money with Sam Cohen and the Institute of Hair Regrowth and Beauty, also known as I.H.R.B at Pitt Street Sydney. If you are planning on spending money with IHRB, you would be well served to visit that site. I am sure you will change your mind and be grateful that you did not waste your money.

Update: Since writing this, I have created a new site that is dedicated to Sam Cohen and IHRB’s hair loss nonsense at

You can see the Ads by Google, promoting Advance Hair Studio, in this online article in the Sydney Morning Herald. The report speaks about the misleading conduct by the company that resulted in the ad being banned.

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