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Here today, gone tomorrow

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During my lectures I show a series of photos to illustrate some of my points. Often people cannot believe that the photos were real. Frequently, I am asked how I managed to find such gems. I tell people that I personally shoot them with my camera-phone. I spot the problem, and then I take a ‘Before photo’, and wait, and wait, and wait, until my suspicions are vindicated, and then I take the ‘After photo’.

Here is an example. I noticed this new gadget at a parking station in Sussex street. I think it was Wilson Parking, opposite the old IBM building, which is now the Commonwealth Bank building. Instantly, I had an urge to photograph it. Here is the ‘Before photo’. Knowing society as I do, I will bet you here and now that soon enough, something bad will happen to this camera. I am not sure what it is supposed to do. It seems to be trained at a car’s number plates. Maybe it is for billing purposes, or perhaps it is there to catch people who evade their parking fees. Either way, this camera will be pinched, knocked off, hit, broken, unplugged, damaged, stolen, sprayed, vandalised… need I go on?

Hang in there, and I shall bring you the ‘After photo’, which might show that this device had to be re-housed in a special cage, or it might be removed altogether.

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