Poles apart

Sign from above

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In Auckland, the council is smart enough to work out a way to install street signs above the traffic lights. This saves a lot of space and unsightly poles. Below, we see that Melbourne uses the same clever strategy.

Once upon a time, Sydney used to hang street signs from above, as seen below. Awnings were used. These signs still exist, but they are rare and no longer the modus operandi for Sydney City Council.

Here is a clever bracket that makes much more sense than sticking a poll into the ground. The city has enough pollution to worry about.

Below, a bracket is used, but we see that sometimes, if it is not necessary, a bracket can be avoided.

Below we see two signs that could have been hung from above. No doubt it is much quicker for a council to drill and hole into the ground, than to go through the red tape of having to seek permission from the owner of the building.

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