Wow, the singer was Aja Wilson

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While staying at the plush Langham Place Hotel in Hong Kong, I kept hearing fabulous music while walking through the foyer. At first, I thought that the hotel had invested in some new space-age audio-system that delivered crystal-clear sound to cocoon the guests from the frantic city outside. Everything about the hotel was impressive; down to the note paper. Langham Place took attention-to-detail to a whole new level. Therefore, hearing that melting music seemed to be part of the Langham touch, and I just presumed that it was a cool CD that a connoisseur had selected.

Hour by hour, I was agitating myself because I became too curious for comfort. I wanted to know who was singing, and the name of the CD, and the technology behind the audio system that could deliver pristine music that managed to convert a marble foyer into a velvet room. And then I heard an announcement which made me think, ‘Hang on, this can’t be a CD. Someone is singing, live.’ To my delight, I discovered that the soothing music was coming from upstairs. Wow, the singer was Aja Wilson, the Volcalist-in-Residence who was enthralling guests with her amazing elixirs. I was way too busy to hang around, but I had no choice. I was hypnotised. So I sat, ordered a meal, a bottle of mineral water, and soon became transfixed by the quality of Aja’s voice, her timing, her clarity, and the depth-of-feeling that Aja injected into each song.

I was basking in the moment, proud of Aja’s talent, while thinking that I shall one day delve into my memories and smile at this special encounter while a guest at a splendid hotel whose definition of quality extended to delivering superb entertainment. Mind you, I think that ‘entertainment’ is the wrong word. Aja is more than entertaining. I think she is captivating, soothing, and uplifting. I knew how busy I was going to be the next day. I knew how chaotic Hong Kong was outside the four walls, but I was at peace as I swam in Aja’s music bowl.

Some people enjoy meeting celebrities, whereas I prefer to meet geniuses. My spirit is elevated in the presence of pure talent. Their gold is my honey. Aja is a rare individual who is more than a celebrity. Aja is a star. The managers at Langham thought so; the hotel guests said so; and I felt it too.

Click this link to learn more about Aja Wilson at her Official Website.

Here are two tracks to tantalise you. The first is called ‘What’s up?’


Below is a song called ‘Sorry’.


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