If you know Paul Boghos Parizian, we’d like to hear from you

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We are publishing a book and documentary about Paul Boghos Parizian (aka Paul Hanna). We’d like to hear from you if you have horror-stories or information about your interactions with this rapist, tow-truck driver, jeweller, and retailer.

Click on this link to watch a video about his court trial wherein he was sent to prison for 7.5 years over sexual assault.  

Paul Parizian was sentenced to 7 and a half years in prison for sexual assault. He had delayed his Trial for over seven years. It was eventually heard at Downing Centre District Court by Her Honour Judge Jane Culver. Parizian was sentenced on 26 May 2023. A large media contingent followed his Trial. This video shows some of the highlights. We have over seven years of archive material, having observed his Police and Court matters from 2016 to 2023. If you have information or horror stories about Paul Parizian, we invite you to contact us. He spent most of his adult life in Sydney as a jeweller, tow-truck driver, and opened a kebab shop and then a pizza shop. He had jewellery stores in Windsor and Parklea Markets, and lived far and wide from Rouse Hill to Middle Dural to Doonside where he lived with his partner Rohini Devi Bhagat. he enjoyed fishing and hunting, and often frequented RSL Clubs and Bars with poker machines. This video features our email address, along with links to other videos and news reports about him.

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