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The test for modern corporate stupidity 2

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Corporations and governments are worried that Wikileaks might make them look stupid. Why go that far? For 22 years we have been screaming at corporations, urging them to wake up to computer crime. I had a shouting match with Optus before. Their head of security could not understand what I was talking about. For this reason, I shall not call Optus and waste my life. Instead, I shall leak the stupidity right here.

Only if you know how computer fraud works, would you find this article amazing. Today I received the usual monthly email from Optus, asking me to pay my bill. As you can see below, the email had a link.
Never train your customer to deal with you via hyperlinks. All genuine corporations must immediately stop this practice. It is telling customers that when we send you an email, just click on the links and follow the instructions. No, No, No! This is 100% wrong, and plays into the hands of the scammers and phishers. Why? Because a scammer can send out millions of emails, as they have been, saying, ‘Dear Optus Customer, please click here to review your bill’. The customers would not find this odd or unusual, so they would click, and be directed to a lovely page that looks like an Optus page, when it is not!

What is worse, and what makes Optus doubly stupid in this regard, is that the page to which we are directed asks for some pretty bad stuff, without any security. See below:
Optus is training is customers to answer serious questions about a credit card. My goodness! Scammers can design a page like this in two-minutes, and send it out to 15 million people in 5 minutes, and in no time, several hundred innocent customers will click the links, and now the scammers know everything they need to know to go shopping with your credit card.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh I just cannot believe the stupidity of these corporations!

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