We need airport-friendly shoes

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The things we take for granted. Like when buying shoes. Not only must we think about comfort, but also about airport. Every days bring a new learning experience. I came across these shoes made by Betts. They we so comfortable and suitable for travel, that I ordered two pairs. Not for a single moment did I stop to think about airport security. The labels spoke of the inner and outer linings, and nowhere had it mentioned the inclusion of metallic objects.

I have been catching flights for decades. The other day, while going through normal security checks, I beeped. I emptied my pockets, removed my belt, and still I beeped. It was my new shoes. They look so innocent, slim, and unassuming. What an inconvenience. If I had known about the metal bar embedded inside the shoe, I would not have purchased them.

When buying glassware, we are now told about them being ‘microwave safe’. Watches are sold on the basis of them being water resistant. Everything seems to boast about something or other. One can no longer purchase plain bread. It must be labelled and categorised in so many different ways. Yet, with airport security being what it is the world over, why have manufacturers not started to make shoes for travellers?
I hereby call for the airport-friendly shoe!

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