Why designers must annoy people

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Why I annoy people- Jonar NaderI annoy people because I ask a lot of questions. And I receive no thanks for it. Only at the end of any assignment would people realise the importance of asking a lot of questions. I grant you that it is annoying, because it makes people wonder whether or not you trust them.
Why I annoy people Blocked window- Jonar NaderThis photo is a perfect example of what can happen when people just follow a simple instruction. Someone must have said to a designer, ‘Go make a massive image for me. Design something with our phone and web details that we can use as a billboard.’ And that’s exactly what the designer did. A nice large design that did not suit the environment. Had the designer asked to see the location, or to see photos of where the billboard was going to go, the designer might have done a better job. The tenants did not fancy living in the dark. They needed sunlight and fresh air. It gets pretty hot on the top floor above a takeaway food shop whose speciality is fried Asian food. You might know the song, ‘Climb every mountain’, from ‘The Sound of music’. I have words to that tune that go along the lines of ‘Ask every question’. But that just annoys people.

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