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Hair loss industry in a mess

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IHRB logoThere might not be any more countries to discover. We’ve mapped the mountains and the seas. But there are medications that we have not yet formulated. The biggest money spinner of all time will be the new pill to cure baldness. Anyone who can solve hair loss will set new records, much like Viagra (an accidental discovery) became a superstar medication.

Until we can find a sure-fire treatment to cure baldness, perhaps at the pre-birth genetic level, we will have to go with snake oil, charlatans, scammers, con artists, and liars, amidst a few good treatments that can work for some people, some of the time.

Sadly, my hair is thinning, so I thought to try out the treatments offered by Sam Cohen of IHRB (Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty). I regret ever having anything to do with IHRB and Sam Cohen. He promised a money back guarantee that was nothing more than a lie. Anyway, he did us all a favour by not refunding my money. It caused me to investigate his operation. After almost two years, I have collected enough data to expose this man and his company. If you have anything to do with hair loss or baldness, or if you have anything to do with Samuel/Sam Cohen or IHRB of 105 Pitt Street Sydney, you can read my dedicated blog at

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