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Dirty business bastards

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Not a day goes by that we do not learn about dirty business tactics. What do they do in those Boardrooms at Google, American Express, News Ltd, Merck Sharp & Dohme, and GlaxoSmithKline; to name but a few. This week we learn that the team at Google has been over-riding the security and privacy settings on our Apple devices. What kind of ethics allows that to happen? People at Google would have held meetings. Who were those people, and why is their manager still employed? Sack the bloody lot of them. Google has been found guilty and fined over $22 million. Big deal, that’s like a parking fine to a rich executive who can easily afford $90 for ignoring the street-signs. How do these people sleep at night? Do they go home and attend their Mosque or Church or place of worship and pretend to have some moral fibre? Are they Sunday goodies only, and week-day devils who worship the dollar? Do they feel hard-done-by, considering most of them are more than multi-millionaires? How many of them are graduates from grand-old universities? If I were their professor, I would insist that their degrees be ripped-up. How can these universities and colleges award degrees to dirty rotten scoundrels who have no idea what business ethics means?

Then we have GlaxoSmithKline receiving a fine of $3 billion for faking the results of vaccine-trials while doing horrid things to blood samples just to pull the wool over the regulators, and to put lives at risk so that they can make more money — engaging in bribery and fraud! This is criminal. Who went to prison? Not a solitary person. Criminals still work at these companies. I spoke about the horrid behaviour of pharmaceutical companies in my book ‘Z’, and some readers probably thought that I wrote a work of fiction. My book ‘Z’ has a rider at the top of the front-cover which says, ‘For legal reasons, this book is a novel’. So read between the lines.

Merck, Sharp & Dohme paid $950 million for its admission of illegal activity. The bloody bastards. Sack the lot of them. Their clients are sick people. Merck is supposedly in the business of making people well again. No way. I do not believe that!

Where are the Directors? What do they do in those boardrooms? I’ve sat in boardrooms, and I know what goes on. Tea all ’round, and crumpet please. Oh look, it’s time to play golf. Flick the lot of them.

Pfizer has been fined $2.3 billion. The list just goes on and on.

The hardest pill to swallow is that these are the proven cases, that would have taken millions of dollars and tens of thousands of hours to prepare for trial. Imagine the cases that just could not go to trial!

And the world keeps on pumping-out business graduates and legal counsels and product managers… and some of them contact me and ask for my help with their assignments. They say, ‘Jonar, I am completing my Masters and I need to write a paper on Business Ethics. What do you know about it?’

I respond, ‘What do YOU know about it?’

I am yet to find a lardy-dah graduate who can explain it to me. Resign and give it up, mate!

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