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IHRB Sam Cohen and hair loss lies

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IHRB Sam Cohen Doughnut

Sam Cohen of IHRB

If you have anything to do with Sam Cohen or IHRB, you need to read all about the trickery and deceit at a special site I constructed called This site explains the amazing misleading contract that is used to con people into handing over their money to buy silly products which are supposed to contain herbal ingredients that IHRB and Sam Cohen says are his magical formula. I have heard of people selling things that don’t work, but Sam Cohen’s hair regrowth treatment is empty. It does not contain the supposed Indian Curries. So if they are not in the bottle, how can we say that they do not work? Is the hole in the doughnut just as tasty as the rest of the doughnut? How can it be? In the absence of these Indian Curries, how can we still even discuss the treatment offered by the Institute of Hair Regrowth and Beauty? How can we even keep calling it a treatment? It is nothing. Nil, Ziltch. Non existent. So Sam Cohen and IHRB of Pitt Street will take thousands of dollars, all on the basis of a lie. Wow, that’s a few million-percent profit, on top of a scam. All pretty bad news. Read all about this rip off at and let me know what you think.

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