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The ‘con’ in contracts

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When you sign a contract, do you really read it? Do you really understand it? Do you dig down like a little beetle to see each word for what it’s worth? If you would like to see the conjuring trick in slow motion, check out this article that I prepared about IHRB and Sam Cohen whose contracts and sales tactics are amazing. The article is called, ‘Pick a card… any card…’ because the contract looks innocent, and seems user-friendly, yet it eats you alive.

If you know of any students studying contract law, they might find this amazing. You see, a contract is not just about words. One has to understand the beast behind the magic trick. When you know the environment that surrounds the contract, you will note that each word takes on a whole new meaning. You have to know how and why a contract is prepared, before you can effectively assess the merits of the words. The intent is more poisonous than the words alone. When combined, the contract by Sam Cohen and IHRB will sting you like a scorpion. Deadly.

Right under your nose, you will sign a lovely contract, thinking that you are in control. Sadly, down the track when you need to rely on the contract to assist you, it becomes apparent that it was all smoke and mirrors, at your expense.

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