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The old pager is still useful

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Jonar Nader on the pagerThe old-fashioned pager (used by doctors and business people used to wear before the days of the mobile phone) might still have some life. There are new uses for the pager. Will it catch on, or will the mobile phone usurp all the functionality.

Below is a transcript of the audio file.

Jonar Nader: What’s happening now is that pagers are having a whole new use like, cop this, you were talking before about a cleaner coming to your house and cleaning your home for you. We can rig it now so that your pager will alarm if your office door at home is opened, or if the garage door is opened. So much so that you can have your pager buzz if someone goes into your bank account and makes a withdrawal or if someone accesses your phone card, or your security numbers. So that a pager can help you become your very own big brother, so you can monitor your own assets and movements and things like that, and that’s where now there is a new birth. And offcourse DNA used to mean something else in Biology and Science now it means Digital Network Alert, which is an alert system for you and further more that’s you receiving. Pagers can also give out signals so that if you are being attacked you can press a button and the local police can find out where you are and where you are being mugged or whatever.

Host: That’s very handy. I look forward to using that.

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