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Virtual reality and driving

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Can young drivers learn to drive using virtual reality simulators so that they can be shown what it would be like to perform the really dangerous manoeuvres? 

Below is a transcript of the audio file.

Host: Virtual reality. It is the world of almost. Is that how we could describe it?

Jonar Nader: Things being almost but not quite. Yet their effect could be very real. So that you may be practicing or training or learning how to drive a car. I think that would be a wonderful thing in the future. I was driving home just the other night and I saw the most horrific accident. A car was actually on top of another car in a ‘T’ formation. Physically on top of it. Now I thought that through virtual reality, if we could teach young drivers what it really means to skid on ice, or what a spot of rain could do to a road or how breaking at a certain speed effects stopping distance. You see when you go to learn, you learn about all the safe things, like how to park, how to accelerate, you know, how to be safe. But to really handle a car, you need to be aware of its tolerances. So through virtual reality, as pilots do when they perform flight simulation. By the way, some flight simulation pilots have fainted when they have crashed their plane. I mean, that is how real it is. And we spoke about their 280 nano second delay causing them to vomit on the spot as well. So it is a very real thing that I think would be wonderful. So the first company that can give you full virtual reality car tuition and lessons, all be it at $100 a minute or something could still do a pretty good job.

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