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Internet dating liars might be sued

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Jonar Nader online dating deceptionA man met a lady over the internet and abused her. He faces twenty-five years in prison. Don’t believe what you read on chat lines. 

Below is a transcript of the audio file.

Host: Even though someone says to you that they are 35 years old and they are single, interested in chess and going to the movies, they might no be. This question of changing one’s ID on the internet. It might be an interesting case, particularly this one where a 31 year old was found guilty. What was this story?

Jonar Nader: Okay, well as far as changing your ID it is nothing mysterious, in the sense that I could write you a letter and sign it Jane Smith 55 years of West Perth, who is to know and how do you verify? Similarly, when chatting over the phone, well the voice gives it away, so I couldn’t say I am Jane Smith anymore, but I could lie about my age and profession. On the internet, there are things called chat lines, where it is more really through the keyboard, where you sit and type and they see the message instantly at the other end and you can send each other letters etc. What’s happening a lot is that people are lying about who they are, they can even send you a photo through the internet, but the photo is usually scanned from another person’s photo or a magazine or a library, and in this particular case, a 31 year old doctoral candidate, he was the chap studying Molecular Biology, so he seemed to have all sorts of good credentials, as far as his stability of mind was concerned. He met a lady over the internet, chat for a while, invited her over and the moment she got there she was tied up for 20 hours, he bit her, he hit her, he abused her and then after she was released, she went to the police. He was out on $350,000 bail he was released from jail, on 6th May we will hear a sentencing, he has been now put back into jail at the moment. He could receive 25 years jail. His defence lawyer for this man has said “it is an insult to your intelligence to say that she didn’t know what was going to go on when she got there” and that inflamed the judge, saying “Surely a woman who goes over to a man’s house is not asking to be sexually abused.” So, possibly maximum of 25 years term, however, the message is be very careful about who you meet, where you meet and exchanging information. I had a friend the other day who was on the phone to me and said “oh look I have got to go, the police is here, I was being stalked, I don’t know how they got my phone number” so be very careful in every way.

Host: Yes, don’t believe what you read. Particularly on those chat lines, they seen to attract the odd strange person or two.

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