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Restaurants could jam mobile phones

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Jonar Nader on phone jammers at restaurantsWould you go to a restaurant or theatre that jams mobile phones? Jonar Nader explains how jamming devices can be licensed. He also talks about the phone boosters.

Below is a transcript of the audio file.

Host: I have to ask you this right off the top. Mobile phone users whose phone rings in the middle of meetings or restaurants or theatres and such things could soon be dealt with?

Jonar Nader: Yes, with a jamming device. Now this requires a special licence and is not yet available in Australia, but it is being tested in Tokyo, where almost everybody has a mobile phone, and there is the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, so they’re currently saying that theatres and concert halls and such like are able to submit to buy licence to buy a jamming device. Jamming devices already exist in special buildings and special places, soon they will be having them on aeroplanes and such like because they interfere with equipment and are also a nuisance. There is also the opposite of this called a booster, as with the Sydney Harbour Tunnel. The authorities found that people were speeding through tunnels and road ways what had bad reception so they thought to make reception better otherwise the people will be speeding. So we have boosters and blockers.

Host: It sounds terrific that restaurants can now advertise “and we now have a mobile phone blocker so you won’t be bothered.” It is great.

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