Bad management

The test for modern corporate stupidity

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If you are a senior manager or director, here is a single question you can ask to assess if your organisation is utterly stupid: Does your organisation send emails to clients from an email address called [email protected]? If you do, then your company is a hideous example of modern stupidity. How can organisations speak about the internet and FaceBook and social media and ‘being connected’ and communicating and listening, when it sends one-way emails. If a client cannot press ‘reply’ to respond, then you have failed big time.

I jolly well know what the defence will be, and I have heard it all, and I know all about the reasons. Yet, having assessed all the possible reasons, I still say that it is pathetic. There can be no reason. There are no reasons. They are merely excuses. If your organisation cannot monitor its emails, it ought to get out of cyberspace.

As you know, most of my articles are long. This one is short because no matter what you say, there can be no argument. It is a lame pathetic stupid practice. Just stop it!

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