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Kadmus Lebanese Restaurant hits 100%

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If there is one thing at which I can claim to be an expert, it is Lebanese Cuisine. I can taste every dish and tell you precisely what is in it, how old each of the ingredients were when they were cut, and exactly how long ago they were prepared. As a non-drinker and non-smoker, my sense of smell, coupled with my hyperactive taste-buds, never miss a beat, considering that I grew-up on Lebanese food, delighting in the devine dishes served from loving aunts and cousins, and of course, my Mum who is the master-chef hands down.

When it comes to restaurant dining, Lebanese cuisine was never part of my routine because no-one can cook like Mum cooks. Why would I go to any restaurant that cannot live-up to my expectations. Hence, Lebanese restaurants were off limits for me. I have tried them all, and never set foot in them a second time… until Kadmus came along.

The chefs are the owners. Ossama and his wife Hanadi welcome their guests personally. They are perfect examples of what a restaurant ought to be: a home away from home, with meals that do not compromise in any shape or form. And to them, no meal is a product. It is a work of art. They blend the finest of ingredients with the same exacting delicacy as a chemist. Everything is precise, because every meal has to be perfect. 100% or nothing at all.

Now I take all my friends to Kadmus. It is in Drummoyne, just a few minutes from the city of Sydney. The consistency of the quality gives me the confidence to take my dear friends — as well as dignitaries who would no doubt have dined at the finest of establishments. Each time, it’s a hit!

I am a difficult customer when it comes to food. Of the hundreds of restaurants/venues in which I dine each year, only a handful can ever be considered worthy of my repeat business. Kadmus scores top marks. Indeed, the food is fresh, it is healthy, it is tasty, it is tangy, and the service is excellent. If I were made Mayor of Sydney, I would ban any outlet that dares to say that it is selling Tabouleh or Hommus that falls short of the real thing. It is a disgrace to witness the rubbish that is being dished-out under the guise of Lebanese food. If ever you have tasted Lebanese food and disliked it, I do not blame you. Most places cannot get it right because it is one of the most difficult foods to get right, partly because the preparation-time is exhausting. It takes ages to prepare. Also, there can be no short cuts, neither in the ingredients nor in the ways in which they must be mixed — it really is a science in this respect. A minute either way, and you’re out. Place the lemon before the salt, and you lose the magic. Timing and sequence are part of the 4000-year-old tradition. If you would like to finally experience what genuine/traditional Lebanese cuisine tastes like, dine at Kadmus. They are at 105 Thompson Street in Drummoyne. Their website is at www.Kadmus.com.au.

If Thai food is your preference, here is the best place I can recommend called Home Thai at www.HomeThai.com.au. You can close your eyes and point at anything on the menu, and it will be delicious. If you do not like chilli, you had better tell them because their food can be quite hot, but easily fixed if you ask them to hold the chilli. Mind you, expect to wait 25 minutes for a table on any night. Being located in the heart of the city, where hundreds of people have made Home Thai their nightly dining spot; and being the best restaurant on Sussex Street, they can’t cope with the demand. However, it’s worth the wait.

Kadmus Lebanese Restaurant and Home Thai are a joy to experience because, apart from the great food, we get to witness passion in action. People who love food, preparing outstanding meals lovingly. They are the elite force in food. Each meal is a carnival for the mouth. They stretch themselves each night, and the energy never drops. It’s full speed each and every time. That level of performance is uplifting. I admire people who do their job to the best of their ability. What heights our country would reach if politicians, executives, public servants, and employees could study the professionalism and drive of Ossama and Hanadi, and the creativity and genius behind the young founder of HomeThai! Imagine that.

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