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Mightier than the sword

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On a flight from Sydney to Auckland, I browsed through an inflight duty-free catalogue. It was 72 pages, promoting over 150 items. I was surprised by the prices. Let’s play a game of ‘The Price is Right’ and see if you can work out how much certain items cost. Below is a scan of the first main page, featuring nine gadgets. Can you match the prices to the items? We have the following products:

1) Akita handscan
2) Elonex tablet
3) Faber-Castell ballpoint pen
4) HP Digital power charger
5) Lifetrons smart stylus
6) Oregon mini action camera
7) Philips 3D electric shaver
8) Swap dual SIM mobile phone
9) Lifetrons note writer

Can you work out which of these prices (in Australian dollars) match which item above:

a) $20
b) $100
c) $120
d) $120
e) $170
f) $180
g) $230
h) $310
i) $395

The highest priced items in the entire catalogue were three in number, out of over 150 products. Those items were $570 (Kailis Jewellery) and two $750 products, both being Cerrone 18 CT white gold & diamond items of jewellery. So apart from these three, the next most expensive item (out of 150 in the entire catalogue) is from the list above, being $395. What item above is $395?

As you can see from the unmasked page below, the most expensive of all the gadgets and gifts (apart from the three gold/diamond jewels) was none other than a pen. An old-fashioned ballpoint pen. Is that amazing or what?

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